Warranty Information

All Brother products include a standard limited warranty which can be found in the user guide or as an insert in the carton. To view the standard limited warranty for your Brother product, please visit the Product Support Center.

Extended Manufacturer's Limited Warranty Agreements (EMAs)

Why Purchase a Brother EMA?

An Extended Warranty is a great way to help protect your investment. In addition to the standard manufacturer's limited warranty provided with your unit, we offer an optional extended limited warranty direct from Brother. This Extended Manufacturer's limited warranty Agreement (EMA) is the only agreement available for your Brother product that is provided directly from the manufacturer. To purchase an EMA for your Brother product, refer to the chart below to download the EMA order form.

Read the EMA FAQs for more information.

If you have any further questions, please contact our EMA Coordinator for assistance.


Color Laser EMA

Scanners EMA

InkJet EMA

Mono Laser EMA

Labeler EMA

-L3210CW, L3230CDW, L3270CDW, L3290CDW

MFC-L3710CW, L3750CDW, L3770CDW, L8610CDW, L8900CDW, L9570CDW,

HL-L8260CDW, L8360CDW, L8360CDWT, L9310CDW


DS-640, 740D, 820W, 940DW

ADS-1000W, 1200, 1250W, 1700W, 2200, 

ADS-2700W, 2800W, 3000N


PDS-5000, 5000F, 6000


J775DW, J775DWXL, 
J805DW, J805DWXL, 
J815DWXL, J895DW, J4335DW,
J4535DW, J1010DW, J1170DW,
J1205W, J1215W

J5830DW, J5830DWXL, 
J5930DW, J5845DW, 
J5845DWXL, J5945DW, 
J6530DW, J6535DW, 
J6535DWXL, J6545DW, 
J6545DWXL, J6945DW, J6930DW, J6935DW, J995DW, J995DWXL

DCP-L2520DW, L2540DW, L2550DW,
L5500DN, L5600DN,

HL-L2300D, L2310, L2315DW, 
L2320D, L2330D, L2340DW,
L2350DW, L2360DW, L2370DW,
L2370DW XL, L2380DW, L2390DW, L2395DW, L5000D, L5100DN, L5200DW(T),
L6200DW(T), L6250DW

IntelliFax-2840, 2940, 4100e

MFC-7240, 8220

MFC-L2685DW, L2700DW, L2710DW, 
L-2717DW, L2720DW, L2740DW,
L2750DW, L2750DW XL, L5705DW

IntelliFax-4750e, HL-L6300DW, L6400DW(T) 

MFC-L5700DW, L5800DW, L5850DW, L5900DW, L6700DW, L6750DW, L6800DW, L6900DW



QL-600, 800, 810W, 820NWB, 1100